Tang Dynasty Poems with Cartoon Videos (3DVDs)

$ 15.99

This excellent Tang Dynasty Poems come with 3 high quality DVDs and each of them contains about 40 poems. All of the poems are very famous, meaningful, and well-known in China and great for children to learn. Plus, all of the poems come with cartoon MTV videos. It's a great way to engage your child for learning Chinese and Chinese poems and also for teachers to show to his/her students!

Product Details

Disc1 Highlights

春晓 Spring, 赠汪伦 Give to Wang Lun, 咏鹅Song for the Goose, etc. (40 poems)

Disc2 Highlights

忆江南 Memory for the South, 梅花 Plum Blossom, 春日 Spring Days, etc. (40 poems)

Disc3 Highlights

学而不思则罔 Thinking While Learning, 敏而好学 Love Learning, 知而不惑 Won't be confused if learning, etc. (32 poems)