Girls' Beautiful Aquamarine Brocade Qipao Dress w/ Pink Accents

$ 25.99

This lovely Qipao with red piping detail glistens in the light. With the contrast of the jade green on the aquamarine background and the red piping, this dress is elegant and compliments anyone who wears its. (Also known as a Cheongsam in Cantonese)

Product Details

The Chinese sizes run 1-2 sizes smaller than American sizes, and vary by style. PLEASE CHECK THE MEASUREMENTS FOR EACH PARTICULAR STYLE BEFORE BUYING.

Size: Chinese Girls 6, Chest 26" X Waist 24" X Bottom 27" X Length 27"

         Chinese Girls 8, Chest 28" X Waist 26" X Bottom 28" X Length 29"

         Chinese Girls 10, Chest 30" X Waist 27" X Bottom 30" X Length 31"

         Chinese Girls 12, Chest 32" X Waist 29" X Bottom 32" X Length 33"