Learning Chinese Characters with Cartoon Videos (3DVDs)

$ 15.99

This excellent and fun Learning Chinese Characters come with 3 high quality DVDs and each of them contains about 80 Chinese characters (about 240 Chinese characters total). All of the characters are basic, useful, and interesting and great for children to learn. Plus, all of the characters come with cartoon MTV videos. It's a great way to engage your child for learning Chinese and Chinese characters and also for teachers to show to his/her students!

Product Details

Disc1 Highlights

一二三四 One Two Three Four,五六七八 Five Six Seven Eight,九十百千, Nine Ten Hundred, Thousand, etc. (80 characters)

Disc2 Highlights

日月星光 Sun Moon Star Light,红橙黄绿 Red Orange Yellow Green,上下左右 Up Down Left Right, etc. (80 characters)

Disc3 Highlights

春天 Spring,夏天 Summer,山 Mountain,海 River, etc. (about 90 characters)