Girls' Adorable Hot Pink Silk Floral and Peacock Print Qipao Dress

$ 19.99

This stunning red Qipao (dress) is absolutely gorgeous! Featuring the regal peacock and scenic flowers, the design is sure to impress.  (Also known as a Cheongsam in Cantonese!)

Product Details

The Chinese sizes run 1-2 sizes smaller than American sizes, and vary by style. PLEASE CHECK THE MEASUREMENTS FOR EACH PARTICULAR STYLE BEFORE BUYING.

Size: Chinese Kids 8, Chest 26" X Waist 25" X Bottom 28" X Length 27"

         Chinese Kids 10, Chest 27 X Waist 26" X Bottom 29" X Length 29"

         Chinese Kids 12, Chest 18" X Waist 27" X Bottom 30" X Length 31"