Classical Chinese Erhu Music (2 CDs)

$ 15.99

The erhu is one of the most well-known and beautiful traditional Chinese instruments. This classical Erhu music comes on two CDs, each containing 13 famous tunes. It's a great gift for anyone who appreciates music and Chinese traditional tunes, especially. It's also great for playing at schools, libraries, restaurants, massage parlors, or on any Chinese or Asian special occasions.

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1.江河水 Water of Rivers and Lakes 2. 阳光三叠 Three Refrains on A Song of Yangguan

3.二泉映月 The Moon is Mirrored in the "Second Fountain" 4.汉宫秋月 The Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace

5.昭君怨 Sorrow of Lady Zhao Jun 6.蓝花花 Little Orchid

7.梁祝 The Butterfly Lovers 8.梅花三弄 Plum Blossom Melody

9. 烛影摇红 Flickering Light of A Candle 10. 悲秋 Autumn in Grief

11. 听松 Listen The Pine Tree 12. 月夜 At Moon Night 13. 旱天雷 Thunder in Drought


1.草原上 In the Grassland 2.赛马 Horse Racing 

3.空山鸟语 Birds Singing in Quiet Valley 4. 病中吟 Song of Sickness

5.夜深沉 Night Thoughts 6.闲居吟 Singing in Idle House

7.良宵 Wonderful Night 8.光明行 Marching to the Brightness

9.独弦操 Music on a Single String 10.苏南小曲 A Tune of Su Nan Region 

11.中花六板 Medium Fancy Six Beat 12.悲歌  Sad Melody 

13.大河涨水沙浪沙 The Big River Tides Up the Sands