Beginning Dance Video Series with Popular Chinese Songs (4 DVDs)

$ 29.99

This awesome dance DVD set comes with 10 high quality DVDs, each containing 17 dances with beautiful and famous Chinese songs. All the dances are performed by super cute and talented Chinese kids, and make a great tool for teaching your children/students to learn Chinese songs and Chinese children's dances! This is an ideal resource and perfect gift for teachers and students!

Product Details

Disc 1 Highlight

爱我你就抱抱我 Hug Me If You Love Me, 洋娃娃和小熊跳舞 Foreign Doll Dancing With Little Bear, 小鸭子 The Little Duck, etc. (17 Dances and Songs)

Disc 2 Highlight

数字歌 The Number Song, 数鸭子 Counting the Ducks, 小青蛙 The Little Frog, etc.(17 Dances and Songs)

Disc 3 Highlight

三只小熊 Three Little Bears,中国娃 Chinese Kids,手牵手 Holding Hands, etc. (17 Dances and Songs)

Disc 4 Highlight

小小天使 Little Angels, 你最牛 You're the best, 小猫咪 Little Cat,etc. (17 Dances and Songs)

The Set comes with 10 high quality DVDs.