Classical Chinese Guzheng Music (2 CDs)

$ 15.99

This traditional Chinese Guzheng music comes on two CDs, each containing 12 famous and beautiful Guzheng tunes. It's a great gift for anyone who appreciates music, especially traditional Chinese, Asian or world music! It's also great for playing at schools, restaurants, or any Chinese or Asian special occasions.

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1.广陵散 Music from Guanglin 2.月儿高 The Moon Is High in the Sky

3.出水莲 Lotus Flowers Appear Over Water 4.小霓裳 A Short Song of the Rainbow Colored Garment

5.蝶恋花 Butterfly Sentimentally Attached Flower 6. 将军令 General's Order

7.昭君怨 Lament of Zhao Jun 8.秦桑曲 Qing-San Tune

9.鳞光曲 A Fisher Girl's Song 10. 闺怨 The Lady Complains Her Husband's Absence

11. 秋思 Gloomy Mood od Autumn 12.打雁 Wild Goose Hunting


1.高山流水 High Mountains and Running Rivers 2. 汉宫秋月 The Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace

3.梅花三弄 Three Reframing of A plum Flower Song 4.文姬归汉 Lady Wenji retuned to Han Dynasty

5.渔舟唱晚 Fishman's Song on a Dusky River 6.平湖秋月 Autumn Moon on a Placid Lake

7.流水行云 Natural and Smooth 8. 蕉窗夜雨 Night Rain Struck the Banana Leaves Outside Window

9.寒鸦戏水 Crows Play in Winter Water 10.禅院钟声 Bell in the Temple

11.春江花月夜 Spring River on Moonlit Night 12.海青拿天鹅 A Vulture Pounced on The Swan