120 Children's Songs with Cartoon MTV (3 DVDs)

$ 19.99

This excellent Children's song set comes with 3 high quality DVDs and each of them contains 40 songs (total 120 songs). All of the songs are very popular and well-known Children's songs in China and all of the songs come with cartoon MTV videos. It's a great way to engage your child for learning Chinese and Chinese songs and also for teachers to show to his/her students!

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Product Details

Disc1 Highlights

找朋友 Looking for friends, 丢手绢 Dropping off the Handkerchief, 虹彩妹妹 Rainbow Sister, etc. (40 songs)

Disc2 Highlights

小燕子 Little Swallow, 生日快乐 Happy Birthday, 我有一个好爸爸 l have an awesome Dad, etc. (40 songs)

Disc3 Highlights

健康歌 Healthy Song, 拍手歌 Clapping Hands Song, 我的好妈妈 My Awesome Mom, etc. (40 songs)